In the early hours of October 14th, 2011 in a coordinated tactical effort, and at the command of Governor Hickenlooper, police in full riot gear raided the temporary autonomous zone (T.A.Z.) known as Occupy Denver.


One of the stated reasons for the raid was due to human health concerns. The strategy of the raid, in this regard, has had its biggest impact by placing peacefully protesting citizens at odds with a militarized police force leading to further entrenchment and behavioral radicalization from both sides.


The confrontation seemed to have been welcomed by some of the protestors as validation of their views and the evening as a whole proved to be less violent than expected with no pepper spray or rubber bullets fired in Denver for another few days.


The operation itself proved to be especially draining for the police, who played the role of villain. While the civilian-protestors felt vindicated by the attention (and persecution) that they received from such a well-armed force, the boost did little to help their long term goals because it moved them in a direction, emotionally, that then alienated them from the general populace.


b.flora, 2013

Occupy Denver Photos 10.14.11

Floral Arrangements photographed 10.13.12