“LAMENTATIONS” Kreuser Gallery, April 2015 An Exhibition of 3′ x 4′ Architectural Prints

LAMENTATIONS is an exhibition of 6 digital photographs, shown as 3′ x 4′ architectural prints, in which I captured photos of something beautiful, yet also terrible, and then pinned them to the wall like trophies.

Presented as raw paper, nailed up, and then each given their own wall, these photos present visual commentary on the state of the world, with the specific subtext emphasizing the unintended consequences of America’s internal socio-political conflicts and current culture war.

The slight destruction of the media with the nail holes permanently altering the print, references the theme of innocence lost, which to one degree or another, we have all experienced, will experience, or are experiencing right now.

All photos were taken in the Pikes Peak region (specifically Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO) and showed April of 2015 at Kreuser Gallery in Colorado Springs.