a photo of cowboy and cow motiff silhouettes cut in iron behind a chainlink fence with a tree and dramatic western clouds, white, and sky, blue.

(find love)

We have now the illusion of power, a nation turned inwards on itself. Consuming its own most treasured resources, eating its own bones till we are left with nothing but a flaccid mass of rotted plastic and clogged intellectual pores.

A nation divided by bygone lines of rusty barbwire and color-coded maps gerrymandered for your pleasure.

Divide and conquer, eat cheese, and die. Easier to consume bribes filled with colored dyes, dopamine stimulants, and tailor-made virtual experience that run on coal steam and chewed up lung tissue than to walk the cold desert space of our hearts to find emotional heat. Find water. Find love; then build a future that supports life, not just the sycophantic processes glorified by ego and lizard alike.

Easier to write than read. Easier to decode than decamp. Admit fault. Be wrong. Be humble.

Sacrifice that ego at the gates of heaven. Not for entry but exchange. Sell that tired old fur cap for something clean.

We are a nation under siege, with half the country fletching arrows and the other half trying to throw open the gates.

…actually, war metaphors aren’t appropriate. This is an education not a battle. This is a lesson, not punishment. Besides: best way to get an overreaction is to convince something it fights for its life. Best way to divide a society is convince one half that the other is wrong. We fight and die without ever realizing the we are our own teachers. We are one soul with a multitude of lessons yet to learn and a multitude of excuses yet to crumble.